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look how cute I looked in new york

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Not in my neighborhood

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when my dad’s nervous he watches the game from outside

this is my favourite tweet

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[9/?] favourite people → leigh anne pinnock

"The best thing about Little Mix is we’re role models for being ourselves."

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And I’d take Harry for the night.

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I really wanna fuck in a pool. Like the possibilities are endless. My god. But it’s like. Our pool. In our backyard you feel me. Boy. Bet I be eating pussy under water. That’s some wavy next level shit. Put on my goggles. And i’m gone. That’d be some shit if i’m eating her and she’s so into it and she feels me stop and is like ” baby ? ” and i’m on the other side of the pool floating dead. I forgot I needed air. Ain’t even come up smh

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Eleanor Calder alphabet: A —> Airports

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this view never disappoints